Child Support and Child Custody

In every divorce involving children or suit affecting parent-child relationship (SAPCR), the parents must not lose focus on what is the best for the children. PP&T will aggressively represent their client’s interest, but their focus remains what is best for the children; they simply refuse to represent people who are not thinking about the welfare of their children during and after a divorce.

In Texas, child support matters are determined using specific guidelines set forth in the Texas Family Code unless the parties agree otherwise.

Unlike child support, there are many options regarding child custody law and visitation matters. Depending on your situation, the best choice for you and your children may involve any of the following:

• Standard possession order • Parenting plan
• Co-parenting plan
• Shared parenting time

It is paramount for the clients to keep in mind that the most important factor for children post-divorce is to have a healthy, restructured family, no matter what form that family takes.

Minimizing conflict by agreeing to a stable parenting plan and maintaining an amicable relationship with the ex-spouse has been shown to be one of best ways things an individual can do for his or her children after a divorce. Children should be comfortable in the knowledge that both parents are welcome at graduations, weddings, and extracurricular activities and that the parents will not be angry with each other.


PP&T seeks to resolve child custody matters as painlessly as possible, with a minimum of animosity afterward. They place great emphasis on mediation and other methods that result in less contentious divorce proceedings. However, the attorneys with PP&T are also able to aggressively pursue litigation if needed.