The “Must Haves” When Hiring a Lawyer

Choosing the right attorney to meet your needs may seem like a challenge, especially if you’ve never needed the services of an attorney. Not all attorneys handle the same types of cases, but regardless of your case type, here are a few factors to consider: integrity, honesty, communication skills, cost effectiveness and common sense.

First, when hiring an attorney, you need someone with integrity and honesty. Lawyers who cut corners or do underhanded things just don’t last very long. Remember, the lawyer works for you. Your lawyer should be completely honest in his dealings with you, judges and other attorneys. No client, no case, and no deal is ever worth selling our integrity. At Payne, Powell, Truitt & Chandler, we will always be honest with you about your case. We are going to tell you “the good, the bad and the ugly”. You should expect this from your attorney. We deal with very serious issues, and you should go into the process with your eyes wide open.

Next, it is important to have good communication with your attorney. If your attorney communicates with you from the beginning, you will avoid problems in the end. It is essential that you, as the client, have the ability to communicate with your attorney. The lawyers at Payne, Powell, Truitt & Chandler law group practice this each and every day. Our online system allows 24-hour communication with our attorneys. The clients we serve are often dealing with very serious problems. The last thing you should worry about is whether your attorney will talk to you. Your questions should be answered quickly and, in a way, that you can understand.

The attorney you hire must be cost effective. This doesn’t mean cheap. “Cost effective” means you hire someone who knows how to take care of your case in an efficient manner. The lawyers at Payne, Powell, Truitt & Chandler have a great deal of experience in many areas of the law. We typically work as a team to get our clients the best results in each case. We provide competent representation to carry out your objectives at each stage of your case. Our goal is to achieve the results you desire, whether that be settlement through mediation or litigation in the courtroom.

Finally, your lawyer should have common sense. Sounds simple enough, but this seems to be a dying quality. There are practical and legal considerations in all cases. As Kenny Rogers used to sing, “you got to know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em.” Our lawyers know the law, but also know how a judge or jury may act in each case. That is because our lawyers have tried hundreds of cases in front of judges and juries. This experience, plus God-given common sense helps us achieve the best result in your case.

We believe the lawyers at Payne, Powell, Truitt & Chandler law group possess these qualities. Let us be your first call when you need help.