Driver’s License Issues

Losing your driver’s license can have a huge impact on your day-to-day life. Losing your license doesn’t always mean you can’t get it back.

If an individual has had their license suspended or revoked for any reason in Texas, they will have to reinstate their license after their suspension period in order to operate a motor vehicle again. Operating a motor vehicle is an essential need for most people in West Texas, and failure to reinstate your license immediately after your suspension period could result in further tickets, fines, and penalties.

There are several types of driver’s license suspensions in the state of Texas:

  • Administrative License Revocation (ALR): If you get pulled over under suspicion of DWI, you will be asked to take a breath test or provide a blood sample. You may consent or refuse. If you consent and fail, you get suspended. If you refuse, you will be suspended even longer.
  • DWI Conviction Suspension: A DWI conviction (including a plea agreement conviction) will result in a driver’s license suspension as part of the penalties.
  • Habitual Violator: Those with too many traffic tickets or moving violations may face a driver’s license suspension.
  • Medical Revocation: Certain types of medical conditions can result in a license revocation, not just a suspension. Serious conditions can result in a lifetime suspension.
  • Auto Insurance: Driving without insurance? This may result in a license suspension and penalties, fines and fees.

It is important to hire an attorney to help you reinstate your license after a DWI conviction suspension, administrative license suspension or other drivers license suspension.

If immediate reinstatement is not an option, an Occupational Driver’s License (ODL), also called an Essential Needs License (ENL), may be required. If you have a suspended driver’s license, our firm can seek an ODL for you in court. This will allow you to drive to and from work and other necessary places for certain periods of the day for the period of your suspension.

If your driver’s license was suspended for any reason and you need help with reinstatement, or assistance in obtaining and Occupational Driver’s License, call Payne, Powell, Truitt & Chandler.