Attorney Fee FAQ

How much is required to be paid up front for legal services?

It depends on the alleged crime committed, the classification of the charge and the location of the charges.

Do you allow monthly payments?

We at PP&T understand that times can be tough financially. We allow payment plans on criminal cases and the payment plans vary depending on the alleged charges, location and classification of the charges.

Are high fees an indication of quality legal services?

Paying a lot of money does not ensure that you will get a good legal representation; however, very low fees usually indicate a problem. Some lawyers charge high fees and don’t do much for the client. If the fee is low, it may be an indication that either the lawyer does not understand the complexity of the case or he does not plan on working very hard on the case.

What types of payments to you take?

We take cash, money orders, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and cashier’s checks.