How to Register as a Guardian

Step 2: Choose the “Guardians” program

Step 3: Under “Mandatory Guardianship Registration”, click the red “click here” link

Step 4: Fill out the “Initial User Registration – Guardians” form, then click “Register”

Step 5: Fill in Guardianship Information, then click “Next”

Step 6: Complete the “Questions” section, then click “Next”

Step 7: Complete the “Attestation” section, then click “Submit Application”

Step 8: Now that your application has been submitted, you must complete the online guardianship training. The training can be completed on the Texas Guardianship Training website.

Step 9: Click on “Get This Course”, then click on “Signup”. Fill in the information and click “Create Account”

Step 10: Complete the Guardianship Training video

Step 11: Once you have completed the course, exit out of the course window. A “Congratulations” page should appear. Click “Download certificate”, print the certificate, and deliver the certificate to the court.

Step 12: Now that you are ready to submit your certificate to the court, you must provide any criminal history information. Visit the JBCC website to read the requirements. Read the information provided on this page, and wait for an email from the JBCC.