Requirement to Register a Guardianship

As of June 1, 2018, guardians or individuals applying to be appointed as guardian must register with the Judicial Branch Certification Commission (JBCC). When you go to register yourself as a guardian with the JBCC, you will be asked the following questions on the JBCC website. We recommend you answer these questions before going onto the JBCC website to register. This will make the registration process go by faster for you, and you can provide the information online in one attempt. Once all this information is gathered, follow our step-by-step guide to register your guardianship.

Guardianship Information

  1. List any former names of the guardian.
  2. Was the guardian appointed before June 1, 2018?
  3. Is this a temporary guardianship?
  4. Guardianship Type:
    1. Guardianship of Estate
    2. Guardianship of a Person
    3. Both
  5. Estate total liquid assets
  6. County
  7. Court Name
  8. Guardian Type:
    1. Family Member
    2. HHSC Guardian
    3. Attorney
    4. Friend
    5. Program
    6. Certified
    7. Other
    8. Corporate Fiduciary
  9. Judge’s Name
  10. Ward’s first and last name
  11. Ward’s date of birth
  12. Ward’s gender
  13. Case Type:
    1. Adult
    2. Minor
    3. Minor becoming Adult
  14. Attorney’s first and last name
  15. Attorney’s bar number
  16. Case Number
  17. Qualification Date
  18. Ward’s address
  19. Ward’s county of residence
  20. Ward’s phone number (if there is one)
  21. Ward’s fax (if there is one)
  22. Ward’s email (if there is one)
  23. Attorney’s address
  24. Attorney’s county
  25. Attorney’s phone number
  26. Attorney’s fax
  27. Attorney’s email